CM Punk has offered an update regarding his unexpected confinement within WWE Headquarters subsequent to his appearance on the Backlash Kick-Off show yesterday.

Punk graced the Kick-Off show preceding last night’s Backlash event. However, a bizarre turn of events unfolded post-show, as Punk disclosed being trapped within the premises following the broadcast.

The former WWE star found himself inadvertently trapped in bathroom while changing out of his attire. Upon his emergence, he discovered himself alone, with everyone else having vacated the building.

Amidst the absence of further communication from Punk, fans engaged in speculation regarding his eventual departure from the headquarters. Subsequently, Punk has provided an update on his situation.


Taking to Instagram once more today, Punk affirmed his ongoing presence within WWE HQ, while also hinting at the possibility of extending his stay for Monday’s Raw show in Hartford. In his statement, he conveyed:

“Yes, I’m still here. Bed head, same clothes. I made my way back to the gym, there’s people working out here so I just have to disappear again.

“I might stick around for the Hartford Raw, I think I can just become the Phantom of the Opera, I can just live in this place, and I don’t think anybody would know. I got lost, there’s too many places to hide out.

“So yes, to answer your questions, I am still here.”

We will continue to update on Punk’s situation as they materialize. Keep checking back to Ringside News.

What do you make of CM Punk’s unexpected extended stay at WWE Headquarters? Do you think he’s genuinely stuck there, or is he playing it up for comedic effect? Share your thoughts and predictions about his possible involvement in Monday’s Raw show in Hartford in the comment section below.

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