GUNTHER has established himself as a formidable force within the realm of WWE, showcasing unparalleled dominance as one of the premier superstars of this generation. His record-breaking tenure as the WWE Intercontinental Champion solidified his status as a true powerhouse in the ring.

However, The Ring General’s reign came to a dramatic conclusion at WrestleMania 40, where he was dethroned by Sami Zayn in a highly anticipated showdown at The Show of Shows this year.

Since that defeat, GUNTHER has been marching forward to find new bastions and recently made his return to his hometown of Vienna, Austria for a WWE Live Event as part of their European tour.

Ringside News‘ avid reader mentioned that the former WWE Intercontinental Champion proclaimed at the live event that he would make his return to his hometown next time as a World Champion.


Moreover, GUNTHER has wasted no time in charting his new path. With unwavering determination, he has set his sights on the upcoming King of the Ring tournament, viewing it as an opportunity to once again assert his supremacy over the WWE landscape. As he prepares to enter the tournament fray, The Ring General is determined to reignite the same level of dominance and fearlessness that characterized his historic tenure as the WWE Intercontinental Champion.

What are your thoughts on GUNTHER vowing to return to Vienna next time as a World Champion? Sound off in the comments!

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