The absence of Roman Reigns following his loss at WrestleMania 40 led to a surprising turn of events on SmackDown after WrestleMania as Tama Tonga made dramatic debut by ambushing Jimmy Uso and aligning himself with Solo Sikoa, a move that had been planned for a long time.

Since his debut, Tama Tonga has displayed his mean streak as part of The new Bloodline, choosing to target Kevin Owens first and is gearing up to compete in his first big fight in WWE after making his debut on their recent house show.

During recent interview with Shakiel Mahjouri, veteran WWE star AJ Styles shared his thoughts on Tama Tonga’s entrance into the WWE landscape. The former WWE champion expressed his admiration for Tonga’s journey, acknowledging that he had personally hoped for his arrival sooner but recognized that timing plays a crucial role in such matters.

In his reflections, AJ Styles corrected himself, stating that no one truly deserves success, as it’s earned through relentless effort and perseverance. The Phenomenal One conveyed his genuine happiness for Tama Tonga’s achievements, highlighting his admiration for Tonga’s character and talent and admitting that he earned his WWE spot.


“Truth be told, I wanted him much earlier than he came, but the timing wasn’t right. He came at the perfect time. He went from sort of the mid level of a card to the top and I love it for him. He’s a good dude, he deserves it. I’m sorry, he doesn’t deserve it, we don’t deserve anything. He earned that chance to be where he is today. I am so stinking happy for him, so glad he’s there. It’s awesome.”

Tama Tonga is set to compete in his first WWE-televised match, teaming up with Solo Sikoa against the team of Randy Orton and Kevin Owens at WWE’s upcoming PLE, WWE Backlash France with the fans ready to see what Tama Tonga can do on the big stage in his debut performance on television.

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