The second night of the 2024 WWE Draft was filled with surprises and excitement, drawing significant attention from wrestling fans. One of the standout moments was the appearance of NFL star Patrick Mahomes, whose cameo added an extra layer of excitement to the event. However, Mahomes’s appearance took an unexpected turn when he was presented as a heel.

During the show, Jey Uso found himself at a disadvantage as Finn Balor, JD McDonagh, and Logan Paul surrounded the ring, seemingly ready to take him down. Logan Paul, known for his provocative antics, brought a unique twist by borrowing the Super Bowl rings from Patrick Mahomes, intending to use them to deliver a powerful punch. However, instead of hitting Jey Uso, Paul accidentally struck JD McDonagh with the brass knuckle-loaded punch.

The unexpected turn of events didn’t stop there. Braun Strowman, making a surprise return, entered the scene and confronted Mahomes, adding another layer of chaos to the segment. As tensions rose, Jey Uso stepped in to calm things down, helping to defuse the volatile situation.

While speaking on his Reffin’ Rant on Twitter, former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas talked about Patrick Mahomes’ appearance on RAW and how he was a heel. Jimmy Korderas criticized WWE’s decision to align Patrick Mahomes, a Super Bowl Champion and local Kansas City hero, with one of the company’s top heels, Logan Paul, during his appearance in Mahomes’s hometown. Korderas questioned the logic of having Mahomes, a celebrated figure, side with a heel when it would have made more sense to use his star power to oppose Logan Paul and generate a positive reaction.


Korderas expressed his confusion over WWE’s booking choice, indicating that it created mixed feelings among the audience. He pointed out that fans were left asking why Mahomes would associate with a top heel, especially in a context where he’s generally admired. According to Korderas, this alignment likely caused unnecessary confusion and missed an opportunity to create a more impactful moment by having Mahomes challenge Logan Paul instead of joining forces with him.

”Patrick Mahomes, he’s in his hometown of Kansas City. Super Bowl Champion, three rings on his hand and he’s siding with one of the top heels of the company? Does that make sense to do this in his hometown. I know some people are going to be ‘Well it was kinda cool to see him do that kind of stuff and be the bad guy.’ No! Take advantage of the situation and maybe use him against Logan Paul instead of being with Paul and get that reaction you wanna get. People were confused, it was like ‘Yeahhh it’s Patrick Mahomes, what is he doing with him?’ You don’t wanna confuse people, you wanna lay it out so they understand. So last night, I mean the night before, they didn’t understand and I didn’t understand.”

The reason for Patrick Mahomes’ appearance on Monday Night RAW was also revealed. Nevertheless, we will have to wait and see whether Patrick Mahomes will make another appearance on WWE television again.

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