Darby Allin faced setbacks but remains undeterred in his quest to conquer Mount Everest. Initially scheduled to embark on this monumental journey, fate intervened when he endured broken foot during the March 13 episode of AEW Dynamite. Then, just when it seemed life couldn’t throw another curveball, he was struck by bus on April 26, emerging with a broken nose.

Reflecting on these tumultuous events on the Daly Migs Show, Allin candidly shared his perspective. “I’m alive. It’s been a crazy few months, for sure, with Mount Everest having to be postponed til next year,” he recounted. Despite the setbacks, Allin remained resolute, emphasizing, “I still am gonna climb Mount Everest. You can’t stop me.”

In an exchange, host Steve Migs remarked on the absence of buses on Mount Everest, prompting a chuckle from Allin. “Yeah, there’s no buses on Mount Everest. I’ll be good up there,” he responded.

When asked about the origin of his desire to conquer the iconic peak, Allin revealed his ambition to push his body to its limits in a manner unprecedented for a wrestler. Recalling his injury on AEW Dynamite, he reiterated his determination to tackle Mount Everest in 2025.


“It just popped into my head one night, and I was like, man, I really want to do that. It’s something to push my body to the absolute limits,” Allin explained. Despite the setback, he remained undeterred, completing rigorous training programs in preparation for the climb.

“It was so hard, it was miserable. Then I got three metal plates put in my foot, so I’m recovering from that. But I fully plan on climbing Mount Everest again next year,” Allin declared.

Expressing his increased fervor for the expedition, Allin quipped about the suggestions to keep him safe. “It’s crazy. I was like, I want to climb this, but now I really want to climb it,” he remarked, emphasizing his determination to persevere despite the obstacles.

Amidst the discussion, Allin also touched upon the incident of being hit by bus, further underscoring his unwavering resolve in the face of adversity.

What are your thoughts on Darby Allin’s unwavering determination to conquer Mount Everest despite facing significant setbacks? Do you admire his resilience and perseverance? Share your thoughts and well-wishes for Darby in the comments below!

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