Since the climactic culmination of WrestleMania season, WWE has found itself embroiled in an enthralling tale, characterized by technical hiccups, enigmatic messages across social media platforms, QR codes, and an eerie ambiance that has gripped WWE arenas.

This mystifying narrative has invaded every major WWE platform and finally made its presence felt on WWE NXT on tonight’s edition of Spring Breakin during the bout between Ridge Holland and Shawn Spears with a QR code flashing.

When clicked, a similar scene was witnessed as the last QR code message, but in rewind, revealing a desolate road, seen through the eyes of a mysterious driver, arriving at a secluded house, with each step fraught with suspense. Moreover, the person also threw a note at the doorstep and ran back into the darkness.

The screen finally dissolved at the end with the message appearing ‘They were broken, I didn’t fix them, I accepted them’ hinting that the mystery is possibly hinted around multiple people with the final message capturing the entire screen ‘They opened the door.’


The fervent speculation swirling among fans has connected these cryptic occurrences to the much-anticipated return of WWE Superstar Bo Dallas, rumored to be resurrecting his enigmatic persona, Uncle Howdy. With each passing week, the anticipation mounts as enthusiasts eagerly await the unfolding chapters of this perplexing saga.

What are your thoughts on the QR code mystery invading NXT Spring Breakin? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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