Cody Rhodes is known for his unique ability to connect with WWE fans, which is why there was concern following his injury scare on SmackDown this week. The incident left many fans anxious about his health and future involvement in upcoming events. Thankfully, we now have an update on his condition.

Last week’s SmackDown featured an exciting non-title match between the Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes and former NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes. During the bout, Rhodes executed a cutter spot with Hayes, which led to speculation among fans about a potential shoulder injury. Given his upcoming title defense against AJ Styles at Backlash France, this raised concerns about his health.

However, during Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed the situation and provided some clarity. According to their insights, Rhodes is not internally listed as injured, suggesting that the incident was either a well-executed sell or a minor injury that isn’t significant.

“Yesterday in the show, we were talking about the SmackDown spot where Cody and Carmelo did double dives. Both missed each other, crashed, and burned. Cody was grabbing his shoulder, and Cody was not listed as injured.”


Alvarez pointed out that during the SmackDown show, both Rhodes and Hayes performed double dives that led to a crash. Rhodes was seen clutching his shoulder, leading to speculation about his condition. However, Meltzer noted that Rhodes wasn’t listed as injured, and the incident wasn’t mentioned on TV, indicating it wasn’t part of a storyline.

“He’s not listed as injured, they never mentioned it on TV so it’s not a worked injury either. It’s not like some storyline because it was never mentioned.”

Meltzer further explained that if this had been part of a storyline or a significant injury, it would have been addressed, especially given Rhodes’ position as the main event at Backlash. Since it wasn’t mentioned, it seems like it could be something minor or nothing significant at all.

“I would think that I would think that if there’s is the main event on the pay per view. I would think that if they were doing a storyline and mentioned it when they showed they showed all kinds of clips from SmackDown, they never addressed it. So I would say that if it was going to be addressed as a storyline, it would have been addressed as far as the Pay Per View main event. It had been addressed tonight. So I don’t think it’s being addressed. The injury. I was told it is not listed as an injury, a real injury, so whatever it was. It might be just something. It might be something minor, it might be nothing at all, it’s probably nothing at all significant.”

Cody Rhodes and AJ Styles also had tense contract signing segment on the show. Regardless, it is good to know that Cody Rhodes actually was okay and didn’t suffer any injury.

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