Adam Pearce faced criticism from fans after he announced on Twitter that he would honor Jim Cornette with his look on the second night of this year’s WWE Draft on Monday’s WWE Raw by wearing a sports coat. Cornette is a polarizing figure in the wrestling world, known for his outspoken and sometimes controversial opinions, which may have contributed to the backlash Pearce received.

Adam Pearce’s choice of a red and black sports coat on a recent episode of WWE Raw caused a stir among fans, given its resemblance to a style popularized by Jim Cornette, who is known for his controversial reputation and past comments. Pat McAfee, on commentary, even referenced Cornette’s trademark tennis racket, noting that Pearce should grab one to complete the look.

Cornette has had a significant impact on the professional wrestling industry through various roles, including manager, commentator, promoter, and creative mind, but his past remarks have sparked controversy, leading to mixed reactions from fans and critics.

After receiving criticism for his outfit choice, Pearce responded on social media to address the backlash. He highlighted the disconnect between his intention and the assumptions made by others, indicating that his choice was not meant to signal solidarity with bigotry or any other negative connotations.


“One person decided to buy a horrible red jacket to wear for fun and quote Sweet Stan in a tweet referring to it. Another person decided that it must mean solidarity with bigotry, among other terrible things. Why do I block people online? Same reason I flush the pot. Touch grass.”

This response suggests that Pearce was simply wearing the red jacket for fun and intended no deeper or offensive meaning. He expressed his frustration with the backlash and the tendency for some to jump to conclusions based on assumptions. Regardless, Pearce has a right to express his own opinions and that is all that matters.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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