Def Rebel, WWE’s internal music group responsible for producing the company’s music since 2019, has faced significant criticism in recent months. The backlash has grown to the extent that the group has become a meme on social media. Many fans have voiced their discontent with Def Rebel’s approach to creating entrance music for WWE’s Superstars, often criticizing it for lacking originality and character.

One common complaint is that Def Rebel-produced entrance themes often open with a wrestler’s catchphrase or signature sound before transitioning into music that fans perceive as generic or uninspiring. This perceived lack of creativity has led to a wave of spoof mixes circulating on social media, where fans parody these themes to highlight the criticism.

They have faced considerable criticism recently, with particular focus during the Royal Rumble event. Critics pointed out that even Seth Rollins, who was in attendance but not competing, seemed unsure of which wrestler was heading to the ring due to the indistinct nature of their entrance music.

While speaking on Fightful Select’s Q&A podcast, Sean Ross Sapp confirmed that WWE is “very aware” of the backlash directed at Def Rebel. In response to ongoing rumors, WWE clarified that Douglas J. Davis, who was involved with Def Rebel, is no longer affiliated with the group and hasn’t been for years. This clarification came after Davis was embroiled in controversy when footage surfaced of him accusing an Uber driver of antisemitism.


When asked if WWE was aware of the criticism aimed at Def Rebel, Sean Ross Sapp remarked that the company is indeed aware and has been addressing the situation. He shared that after reaching out to WWE about Davis’s involvement with Def Rebel, the company quickly stated that Davis was no longer part of the group and hadn’t been for some time.

“They’re very aware of them. There was today the thing with Douglas J. Davis and the Uber driver. I reached out to WWE about him because he was originally a part of Def Rebel and they were quick to say, ‘No, he’s not anymore and he hasn’t been for years.'” 

Randy Orton also immediately nixed a new theme song for Randy Orton, which was produced by Def Rebel as well. Regardless, we will have to wait and see what will become of them in the end.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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