An interesting subject that prevailed in the wrestling world in recent memory swirled around Drew McIntyre’s future with WWE as reports surfaced about his contract nearing expiration. Despite initial uncertainties, McIntyre has now officially inked a new deal with the company, putting an end to the speculation.

According to recent reports, negotiations for McIntyre’s contract renewal began in March and concluded recently after extensive discussions. The process involved significant back-and-forth exchanges, indicating a thorough consideration of terms from both parties.

Other reports affirmed the conclusion of negotiations just days ago, dispelling earlier suggestions from The Rock’s Instagram post hinting at an earlier agreement. Drew McIntyre’s new contract spans multiple years, with both parties expressing satisfaction with the finalized terms.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, recently shed light on the specifics, revealing McIntyre’s contract to be a three-year deal extending until 2027. While details regarding The Scottish Warrior’s potential earnings hover around $4 million annually, this figure remains unconfirmed and would potentially be pushed as the top WWE guy.


“According to Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer, McIntyre signed a three year contract with WWE, which would keep him there until 2027. He has continued to be pushed as a top guy with WWE, especially after an injury to CM Punk propelled McIntyre back into the world title scene for WrestleMania XL. Meltzer speculates that McIntyre may be making close to $4 million a year, but that is NOT confirmed.”

Despite currently recovering from an elbow injury, McIntyre’s importance to WWE’s roster remains unquestionable. Furthermore, fans eagerly await McIntyre’s return and anticipate his continued prominence in storylines, now assured of his long-term commitment to the company.

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