In the current WWE landscape, few rivalries rival the intensity between CM Punk and Drew McIntyre. This rivalry escalated to new heights on a recent episode of RAW, although Punk took a few minutes out from that to acknowledge one of his fans in attendance.

Before Round Three of the WWE Draft 2024 concluded on tonight’s edition of RAW, CM Punk took to his Instagram stories to make a video from his skybox. As he panned, he encountered a fan sitting nearby holding a ‘CM Poop’ sign as a hilarious jab, with the Best in the World finding it funny.


Right after, Drew McIntyre took to the stage to address his draft to RAW, the same brand as Punk. In a fiery tirade, McIntyre laid blame on Punk for not only costing him the World Heavyweight Title but also for fracturing his elbow in sneak attack at WrestleMania 40.


While McIntyre vowed not to let his injury keep him sidelined like Punk, the tension reached a boiling point when Punk’s music hit. Expecting a mind game, McIntyre was taken aback when Punk emerged from a skybox. The sight of Punk only fueled McIntyre’s rage, prompting him to storm off, likely in pursuit of his former adversary.

When he reached atop, he did not find CM Punk there, who instead made his way to the ring and did what he is known to do best; launch a verbal tirade on McIntyre vowing to go right after him after he returns from his torn triceps injury.

This latest development adds another layer of intensity to the already explosive feud between Punk and McIntyre, leaving fans eager to see how this chapter unfolds. As for Punk’s fan, she would surely have a good night after acknowledgment from the former WWE champion himself.

What are your thoughts on CM Punk acknowledging his fan’s hilarious jab from the skybox on RAW? Sound off in the comments!

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