Will Ospreay’s journey to becoming an AEW star began with his transition to the promotion last year, stirring discussions among wrestling fans and insiders. During his match at AEW Dynasty, Ospreay put on an incredible show. Even then, Kevin Nash believes Ospreay needs to get in better shape.

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash shared his thoughts on Will Ospreay’s run in AEW during his Kliq This podcast, discussing his potential and areas for improvement. Nash acknowledged that Ospreay is a star in AEW and suggested that if AEW’s Wembley show in September is a key event, crowning Ospreay as the face of the company should be a primary goal. Nash emphasized that Ospreay has the potential to become “the guy” in AEW.

However, Nash also critiqued Ospreay’s physical condition, noting that he could benefit from getting into better shape to match the higher standards of top-tier wrestling. He mentioned that when watching SmackDown, particularly AJ Styles, he observed that many wrestlers look like “indie guys” due to a lack of focus on physique and conditioning. Nash implied that Ospreay’s current physical condition might not meet the expectations for a top star, especially since he’s still young, having just turned 30.

Nash pointed out that Ospreay’s style is entertaining and could create compelling matches, especially against larger opponents like Brock Lesnar. He indicated that Ospreay could shine when facing a “Goliath” type, as it allows him to play the underdog and take significant punishment.


However, Nash also criticized some of Ospreay’s selling techniques, suggesting that consistent selling and realism are essential. He commented that moves like uppercuts should be sold convincingly, without transitioning too quickly into another move without proper recovery.

“See, Ospreay’s their star. If Wembley’s the show in September, you got to crown Ospreay there and that should be your number one goal, is to make him the face of your company because he’s ‘the guy.’ Though at the same time, I watched a little bit of Smackdown and I watched AJ and it’s like Ospreay needs to get in better shape … everybody looks like indie guys because no one looks like they take care of themselves. He just turned 30, yeah, c’mon, man.”

“He’s fun to watch, he would be so great to watch against somebody like a Lesnar because he needs kind of a Goliath to pound the s*** out of him … you can’t sell an uppercut and take a flat back and then take another uppercut and kick up into a move, everything’s got to be sold the same.” 

Many will likely disagree with what Kevin Nash had to say, as Will Ospreay is clearly in excellent physical shape as a heavyweight. Nonetheless, we’ll have to wait and see what’s next in store for the Aerial Assassin.

Do you feel Kevin Nash is correct in what he had to say about Will Ospreay or is he completely wrong? Sound off in the comments section below!

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