Will Ospreay’s journey to becoming an AEW star began with his transition to the promotion last year, stirring discussions among wrestling fans and insiders. During his match at AEW Dynasty, Ospreay put on an incredible show. Even then, Ospreay believes Japanese female wrestlers put many talent to shame and that includes even himself.

Will Ospreay, who has extensive experience in Japan, recently tweeted about the extraordinary creativity of Japanese women’s wrestling talent. He remarked that these wrestlers, across promotions like STARDOM, TJPW, and Marigold, have set a high standard with their innovative performances, often outshining their male counterparts.

”Mate. Japanese female wrestlers put so many of us (including me) to shame. The imagination to think of this and the ability to pull it off should be applauded.”

Ospreay’s acknowledgement more or less reveals the quality and creativity inherent in Japanese women’s wrestling. Promotions like STARDOM and TJPW are renowned for their all-female rosters, producing dynamic and high-caliber matches that attract global attention. These promotions offer a platform for female wrestlers to showcase their skills, and the talent there consistently pushes the boundaries of professional wrestling.


Considering how the likes of Mina Shirakawa, AZM and others have made their way onto AEW television lately and become over with fans, perhaps fans will get to see more joshi wrestlers in the future.

Are you happy to see Will Ospreay acknowledge joshi wrestlers again? Let us know in the comments section below!

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