Ilja Dragunov and Gunther have had history of intense rivalry during their time in WWE NXT UK. Their matches were characterized by intense physicality and fierce competition, which ultimately led both to earn significant recognition and success in the United States. Given their shared history, there has been speculation about Dragunov potentially joining Imperium. Recently, The Ring General commented on the possibility of Ilja Dragunov joining Imperium.

During an interview on Gorilla Position, Gunther was asked about the possibility of adding Ilja Dragunov to Imperium in the near future. Gunther’s response was insightful, suggesting that while Dragunov and he have been on separate paths within the Stamford-based promotion for some time, there’s still potential for collaboration in the future.

Gunther didn’t outright dismiss the idea of Dragunov joining Imperium but emphasized the value of their rivalry, indicating that Dragunov might be better suited as an adversary rather than an ally. Gunther spoke highly of Dragunov’s talents and acknowledged their history of intense matches, suggesting that Dragunov brings out the best in him, and vice versa.

However, Gunther also noted that before any potential partnership could happen, Dragunov has his own journey to pursue within the promotion, implying that there are still steps he needs to take before considering such an alliance. This statement reflects Gunther’s respect for Dragunov’s individual path and the belief that Dragunov has the potential to achieve great success on his own terms.


“I think Ilja [Dragunov] is a better enemy than a friend. Yeah, it has to come down to that. He’s one of us in terms of Kaiser, Ilja, and I, we all have wrestled each other years back. So, I naturally want him to be where I am, and I think he’s somebody that brings out the best in me, and I’m someone that brings out the best in him. I think before it can happen, he has his own way to go, wherever he ends up.”

Gunther was on RAW this week as Giovanni Vinci was kicked out of Imperium. It was revealed that both Ludwig Kaiser and Gunther are expected to continue working together on WWE shows, so it remains to be seen whether Dragunov will end up joining them in the end.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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