Imperium members, Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci found themselves unexpectedly pitted against the formidable duo of Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods from New Day after a formidable address by their returning leader, GUNTHER who revealed his plans for the future.

The match culminated in a victory for Kingston and Woods over their imposing opponents, Kaiser and Vinci. However, the true shock came after the final bell sounded on the tag team bout.

In a stunning turn of events, Ludwig Kaiser, seemingly overtaken by fury, viciously turned on his longtime ally Giovanni Vinci, launching brutal assault. The intensity of Kaiser’s attack, utilizing the unforgiving ringside environment, sent shockwaves throughout the WWE Universe.

As the aftermath unfolded, fans observed GUNTHER’s apparent endorsement of Kaiser’s betrayal, leaving questions about their own association. In a new report by Fightful Select, both men are expected to continue working together on WWE shows, hinting at their alliance remaining persistent.


“Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser are tentatively scheduled to continue to work together after the turn on Giovanni Vinci.”

With one-half of the Imperium outcasted from the stable and speculation about Ludwig Kaiser and GUNTHER’s association going forward, we will have to wait and see what Giovanni Vinci has to say regarding the betrayal.

What are your thoughts on Ludwig Kaiser and GUNTHER aligning together after Kaiser physically decimated Giovanni Vinci on RAW? Sound off in the comments!

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