The two major wrestling giants in the world of professional wrestling, WWE and AEW are often known to acquire members of each other’s company upon their status as free agents in order to boost their roster

The forthcoming edition of AEW Collision is set to feature the debut of two former WWE stars, James Drake and Zack Gibson, better known as the Grizzled Young Veterans, in All Elite Wrestling.

Following last year’s WrestleMania 39 event in Los Angeles, Drake and Gibson made the decision to request their release from WWE. Despite the rejection, the duo announced their departure from the company, opting not to renew their contracts, which expired in the fall.

Now officially free agents, Drake and Gibson have been making appearances on the independent wrestling scene in recent months. Their debut for AEW was hyped, with digital exclusive featuring an interview with the duo conducted by Lexy Nair, released by AEW in anticipation of their debut match on this week’s episode of Collision. They spoke about their tenure as a team for 18 years and spoke about their first AEW opponents, The Acclaimed. The GYV issued a warning to them who according to them have made a mockery of the job they love and vowed to teach them an important lesson.


“I am Liverpool’s No.1 Zack Gibson, this man is James Drake, together we are Grizzled Young Veterans. For the past 18 years, we have travelled the world, living the pirate life, holding our craft, and established ourselves as the premier team anywhere in this industry. [Drake] AEW is where the best wrestle and to be the best you know to fight the best. So this Saturday LIVE on Collision, the GYV make their AEW debut and we are coming to make a statement. [Gibson] Acclaimed, you two have been on our radars for few years now, two lads with unraveled potential, but you chose to use that potential, that doesn’t sit right with us, two cartoons making fun little jokes, busy scissoring each other. You two are an embarasement to this job we love. [Drake] So this Saturday on Collision, you two lads are going to learn a very very important lesson from the Veterans, so remember this when you see the GYV coming, grit your teeth.”

Additionally, James Drake and Zack Gibson have unveiled plans to launch a new wrestling company, signaling their continued involvement and contributions to the wrestling industry beyond their AEW debut.

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