The Rock’s return to WWE on the road to WrestleMania 40 under his new villainous persona, The Final Boss, was indeed a huge traction for the company as he himself announced the staggering business The Show of Shows did for the company.

However, the entire world knows that beneath that menacing Final Boss, The Rock is one of the most kind-hearted and helpful individuals who is known to change the lives of those who fight every day to make a change and show perseverance against the challenges of life.

The Great One took to his X to drop a video of him meeting with the father-son duo of Ricardo, who is also a huge Rock fan, and Isaiah who brought back memories of his own dad, Rocky Johnson who passed away in 2020 and was very much similar to Ricardo. The Rock heard about the difficulties Ricardo endured to raise his child and much like Rocky Johnson, Ricardo also opened his cleaning service to make ends meet. However, they faced multiple obstacles in their fight to survive with The Rock stepping in as their shield to combat.

Following some heartfelt words shared among the trio, The Rock presented Ricardo with his pickup truck and $100,000 to resolve the issues prevalent in his business and help make a difference in their lives. The video outlined the father-son being grateful to The Rock with the former WWE champion himself visibly emotional after remembering his dad as he also wanted to present his old man with a truck and a little cash but could not do so.


“Sometimes I just miss my dad. Wish I could give him my truck or give him a little cash. (my old man was an OG so he was all about that cash;) When I met Isaiah’s dad, Ricardo – he immediately reminded me of my old man. Hard worker, struggled with hard times, but always did what he could to take care of his family. My dad even opened up a cleaning service, just like Isaiah’s dad. And just like my dad back then, the one thing, Ricardo needed was a truck for all his supplies and to get to and from work. I gave Ricardo my personal truck. I gave Ricardo some cash. I think in a way, this moment with Ricardo, felt like my dad was still here with me and I could make him happy. Got me emo. When I cry, I start to whisper. Love you both, Isaiah & Ricardo. I love the father-son bond you have. Take care of each other. Hold on to that hope. I miss my old man.”

On his wrestling front, The Rock went on a hiatus following the RAW after WrestleMania 40, where he confronted new Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes and hinted at their potential one-on-one showdown in the future upon his return.

But for now, The Final Boss persona has taken a backseat with The Rock once again proving his will to make the lives of those better who face the challenges of life with hard work, grit, and perseverance.

What are your thoughts on The Rock presenting his pickup truck and $100,000 to father-son duo, Ricardo and Isaiah? Sound off in the comments!

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