WWE Superstars are known to be some of the most impressive athletes in the world, regarded for their in-ring acumen and captivating personalities. Moreover, they even have to showcase and boost their presence via interviews with media houses.

In recent appearance on Going Ringside, current WWE star Grayson Waller shared his frustrations regarding certain interview experiences within the media landscape.

The Aussie Icon expressed his preference for engaging with hosts who have invested time in researching their subjects and also emphasized the importance of mutual respect in such dialogues.

“I appreciate when there’s genuine effort put into the interview,” Waller stated. “It’s evident when the host has done their homework, knows some background about me, and we can have a meaningful conversation. However, there are instances where it’s clear the interviewer is simply going through the motions, armed with generic questions handed to them by their producer. When this lack of preparation crosses into disrespect, I have no qualms addressing it. Jokes at the expense of wrestling or its athletes belong to a bygone era. We’re legitimate athletes, and anyone who’s stepped into the ring can attest to that, especially athletes from other disciplines.”


Grayson Waller’s stance against disrespect, particularly concerning his profession, was underscored when he issued a stern warning ahead of last month’s WWE Elimination Chamber event. Following a confrontation with the floor manager of the “Sunshine” morning show, who mockingly mimicked boxing motions, Waller asserted his willingness to defend his craft, even outside the ring, by threatening to deliver a real punch in response to the taunt.

As for Waller, he moves ahead as part of the A-Town Down Under tag team with his partner Austin Theory as the new tag champions after their successful triumph at WrestleMania 40 and being presented with the new WWE Tag Team Championships on SmackDown last week, looking to be a promising tag team of the new era of WWE.

What are your thoughts on Grayson Waller’s statement regarding some media outlets conducting interviews in a disrespectful manner? Sound off in the comments!

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