GUNTHER had dominated the entire WWE landscape for over 600+ days as the longest-reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion of all time. But like every monumental title reign in history, it came to its demise, but GUNTHER made a strong reemergence since that night on tonight’s edition of RAW.

The Ring General’s title reign ended at WrestleMania 40 at the hands of the ultimate Underdog, Sami Zayn whose willpower and perseverance prevailed over GUNTHER and led to his title win.

Since then, GUNTHER was nowhere to be seen on WWE television programming, and he was done waiting in the shadows. With that in mind, The Ring General finally made a huge comeback on RAW tonight in Columbus, Ohio alongside his Imperium cohorts, Ludwig Kaisar and Giovanni Vinci.

GUNTHER began by reflecting on his historic title reign and thanked Sami Zayn for lifting a huge weight off his shoulders after defeating him for the Intercontinental title at WrestleMania 40. Looking to begin his climb back to the top of the mountain, GUNTHER announced himself as the first participant in the upcoming King of the Ring tournament, set to take place at the King and Queen of the Ring event in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and going after any WWE title he wanted to begin another lengthy reign.


The segment concluded with former King of the Ring winner Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston coming out with Woods looking to become a two-time winner and mocked GUNTHER for this title loss. In response that set the stage for any impromptu New Day vs Imperium tag team match.

What are your thoughts on GUNTHER’s return to Monday Night RAW and announcing his participation in the King of the Ring tournament? Sound off in the comments!

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