NXT standouts, Cora Jade and Nikkita Lyons were set to change the game in the NXT landscape. However, their momentum was derailed by a similar injury that sidelined both top NXT prospects for months.

In January, Cora Jade faced a setback in her wrestling journey when she suffered a torn ACL at a WWE NXT Live Event. Following the incident, she underwent surgery sending message of relief for her fans, and is now in the midst of her recovery process.

Meanwhile, Nikkita Lyons had been diligently rehabilitating from a knee injury herself that kept her out of action for a year. Unfortunately, she found herself sidelined once again due to another injury.

Despite their setbacks, both top NXT stars decided to make a mockery of their own injury by teaming up for a gorgeous photo drop for their fans on Instagram. Cora Jade and Nikkita Lyons can be spotted wearing black and blue swimsuits respectively, while also sporting their knee braces to make their ACL injury look cute.


“Making torn ACL’s look cute 📸: @onedopephotographer.”

As the NXT Universe awaits the return of its two top stars, they remain hopeful for Cora Jade and Nikkita Lyons to rehab successfully and come back stronger for monumental runs in NXT.

What are your thoughts on Cora Jade and Nikkita Lyons’ latest photo drop? Sound off in the comments!

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