WWE WrestleMania 40 Sunday featured Cody Rhodes dethroning Roman Reigns as the Undisputed Universal Champion, and it also had The Rock try to help out Reigns to no avail. Rhodes didn’t bleed during the match at all and Kevin Nash has provided the reason for this as well.

While many fans anticipated Cody Rhodes to bleed during his match, especially given the storytelling tradition of adding intensity and drama with blood, it ultimately didn’t happen.

There was speculation that incorporating this element could have added an additional layer of realism and storytelling to the match, similar to what The Rock did during a memorable episode of RAW on March 25.

According to Kevin Nash on his Kliq This podcast, there’s a reason why Triple H didn’t let Cody Rhodes bleed in the main event. Nash explained that the company possibly didn’t want to have Rhodes’ bloody face as the final image of WrestleMania 40.


“Every image you have of the night he [Cody Rhodes] won is going to look like he was in a car wreck. Like you can’t get any usage out of any of that. You think back at it from a standpoint of marketing, merchandising, and everything else; I mean, it’s pretty hard to get national coverage of Cody going over and him getting his hand raised if he’s bloody.”

Cody Rhodes also believes WWE’s success would entice The Rock to return to WWE and in the meantime, he is focused on his upcoming opponent AJ Styles at Backlash on May 4th, so we’ll have to see how WWE will book Rhodes and Styles’ feud in the coming weeks.

Do you feel Cody Rhodes should have bled in his match against Roman Reigns? Let us know in the comments section below!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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