WWE unexpectedly announced the releases of a handful of promising WWE superstars with Xyon Quinn being on the list of people who were terminated from their contracts.

This decision comes in the wake of his appearance on the March 1 episode of WWE SmackDown, where he faced a swift defeat against one of the fastest-rising stars of the company, Bron Breakker.

Quinn, who joined WWE in May 2018, and was initially included in the 2023 WWE Draft and designated as a free agent, had the opportunity to compete on both WWE Raw and SmackDown. However, his tenure following the draft was marked by limited action, with only one appearance on Raw and one on SmackDown.

With the standard 90-day non-compete clause in effect, Xyon Quinn took to his Instagram to drop a vignette, shedding light on his moniker “the Samoan Ghost.” Additionally, he shared insights into his persona and motivations, accompanied by a booking email address, affirming that “the comeback is always greater than the setback.” Moreover, he was addressed as only Xyon, due to WWE owning his previous full ring name.


“I remember my first fight. The way it felt. The way I hurt his heart beat faster and faster, his eyes so wide. I never felt so powerful. So alive. When he begged me to stop, I remember that… I just snapped. That happened sometimes. I try to control it, but I guess I’m a little unpredictable, unhinged, you might say, I’m a ghost. Boo.”

As fans absorb the news of Xyon Quinn’s departure, questions arise about the circumstances surrounding his exit. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we continue to follow up on this story.

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