AEW sent huge shockwaves across the entire wrestling industry after Tony Khan made the decision to air the backstage footage from last year’s AEW All-In event that captured the real-life altercation between former AEW Star CM Punk and Jack Perry.

Following the incident, Punk’s contract was terminated leading to his triumphant return to WWE in November 2023 after a decade much to the shock of the WWE Universe.

The AEW EVPs, The Young Bucks showcased the security footage from the event on Dynamite a few weeks ago leading to multiple opinions and publicity generating for Tony Khan’s company.

During tonight’s edition of AEW Collision, The Young Bucks teamed up with their ally, Kazuchika Okada to battle FTR and PAC in a trios match. Amidst the thrilling action inside the ring, loud CM Punk chants broke out inside the arena, directed straight toward Matthew and Nicholas to showcase his physical altercation with Jack Perry to the world.


As the controversy continues to be brought up every now and then even after weeks of airing, we will have to wait and see if CM Punk decides to give an official statement regarding AEW’s move to air the same on their televised programming.

What are your thoughts on CM Punk chants breaking out on AEW Collision? Sound off in the comments!

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