WWE made another round of releases on Friday night. The list of released talents includes Indus Sher (comprising VeerSanga, and Jinder Mahal), Xia Li, and Xyon Quinn. Internally, the releases were attributed to budget cuts, although specifics conveyed to the talent remain undisclosed. The affected individuals were informed of their release on Friday evening.

Regarding the reasons behind the cuts, Fightful Select reports that WWE higher-ups indicated a combination of factors. These included a lack of television appearances due to creative not finding suitable storylines for the talent, as well as considerations of upward trajectory and tenure within the company.

At SmackDown, several wrestlers learned of the releases as news circulated throughout the evening. Unlike previous instances, there were no memos sent out to notify talent or staff about the releases. Consequently, remaining roster members became aware of the departures as they became public knowledge. WWE has ceased public announcements of releases for years, and it’s yet to be confirmed if these are all the recent releases.

It was also clarified that Mahal’s departure was a result of a release rather than him voluntarily leaving the company.


Xia Li had been collaborating directly with Shawn Michaels on her storyline with Lyra Valkyria and was even advertised for this Monday’s world title battle royal. However, when questioned about this, it was revealed that the graphics team had not been informed of her release details.

Overall, there were no indications of underlying issues or tensions contributing to the releases, and the released talents were generally well-liked within the company.

What are your thoughts on WWE’s recent round of releases, including talents like Indus Sher, Xia Li, and Xyon Quinn? Do you believe these cuts were solely due to budgetary reasons, or do you think there were other factors at play? How do you think these departures will impact WWE’s programming and the careers of the released talents? Share your reactions and insights into this latest development in the comments below!

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