AEW’s April 10th episode of Dynamite offered fans a rare glimpse into the behind-the-scenes turmoil that took place during the All-In event. A segment in the episode showcased footage of a tense altercation between Jack Perry and CM Punk, revealing an aggressive moment where Punk forcefully shoved Perry.

The intensity of the confrontation led to chaos backstage, drawing in Samoa Joe and other AEW staff members to intervene and bring the situation under control. This dramatic footage triggered a storm of discussions on social media, with fans and wrestling enthusiasts sharing their reactions to the incident.

In response to the unexpected buzz created by the released footage, AEW took swift action to remove all digital content related to the backstage altercation, aiming to manage the narrative and prevent the incident from escalating further. By doing so, the company attempted to contain the spread of the incident while addressing the potential fallout within its fanbase.

In his Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross provided insights into the decision to air the backstage footage from the All-In event on AEW’s April 10th episode of Dynamite. He explained that the footage’s value lay in its connection to the ongoing storyline between FTR and The Young Bucks, offering a seamless way to build toward a significant pay-per-view match. Ross noted that he was more comfortable with showing the footage because it contributed to the story’s progression, even though he wasn’t entirely sure of its broader significance.


Regarding Jack Perry, Ross shared his positive experiences with him, emphasizing that he had always found Perry polite and respectful. He mentioned knowing Perry’s family, including his mother and sister, whom he described as wonderful people. However, he acknowledged that everyone makes mistakes, especially young people who can be impetuous. Ross also suggested that older individuals can sometimes exhibit youthful, impulsive behavior.

“The value of showing that footage to me was the fact that you got on with your storytelling [with] FTR and the Bucks. So to me, when that was the direction that was chosen, I was much more comfortable showing that footage. Other than that, I’m not sure what it meant. I’m not sure why we did it, other than the fact that it helped tie together a very crucial and important pay-per-view match. So that’s my thoughts on that deal. As far as Jack Perry’s concerned, I’ve been a Jack Perry fan since day one. I remember being somewhat resistant on calling him Jungle Boy. Because I told him, I’m not gonna rely on this Jungle Boy moniker as much as it has been in the past because you’re not gonna be a boy forever.

Ross expressed his hopes for Perry’s return to AEW and remarked that it would be interesting if Perry were to return on Sunday, hinting at the potential for an unexpected twist in ongoing storylines or a fresh direction for the young wrestler.

”I never had a cross word with this kid. He’s always been very polite. I got to know his mother and his sister. They’re just wonderful people. But we all can mistakes, and he’s young and can be somewhat impetuous, but that just goes with the youth. Hell, some of us old guys are young-thinking and impetuous, but I hope that they get everything worked out with Jack. Wouldn’t Sunday be an interesting time for him to return?” 

AEW’s backstage reaction to airing the All In footage was revealed as well, but Tony Khan recently claimed that TBS was quite happy with AEW’s performance after airing the footage.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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