The Rock witnessed the ultimate demise of his cousin, Roman Reigns’ historic title reign when Cody Rhodes defied all odds and obstacles, including some placed by The Rock himself to defeat Reigns and win the Undisputed WWE Championship at WrestleMania 40.

Much like a real sportsman, The Final Boss acknowledged his family’s defeat and gave Rhodes his flowers on the following night on RAW. However, he did make it clear that he would be returning to WWE following his hiatus and come straight after The American Nightmare.

Moreover, there have been rumors about a potential Rock vs Cody match in the future with The Great One himself eyeing to compete against him at WrestleMania 41. Fueling the speculations further, The Rock had a message for the entire WWE Universe.

The Final Boss took to his Instagram to drop the video showcasing some part of the build-up from their WrestleMania feud, his and Reigns’ spectacular win on Night 1, and finally the closing moments of the main event of Night 2 when Rhodes defeated Reigns. The Rock in his statement made it clear that WrestleMania 40 may be in the books, but it was only the first chapter in the cinema of The Final Boss.


“The Final Boss is a builder. A long gamer.

WRESTLEMANIA Night 2 may be in the record books.

But this is only Chapter 1 of Final Boss Cinema.

To be continued…”

With The Rock speculated to wrestle match in 2024 before WrestleMania 41 arrives where is rumored to battle Cody Rhodes, it would come in handy for him to prepare for the man who destroyed the rule of his family over the WWE landscape and take his revenge for the same.

Do you think The Rock and Cody Rhodes will square off against each other at WrestleMania 41? Was this a huge teaser for the same? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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