The long-time wrestling fan and actor, Freddie Prinze Jr. revealed his ambition to launch an independent wrestling promotion in 2021, despite not getting any internal reactions from his favorite promotion, WWE, and had discussions with TV networks regarding the concept.

During the latest episode of Wrestling With Freddie on iHeart Radio, Freddie Prinze gave an update on his progress. He mentioned actively working on his promotion, a venture he announced two years prior. He stated that he had pitched the idea to one network, and while they haven’t given a definitive answer yet, the fact that discussions are ongoing is positive.

“I am actively going on with my own personal wrestling federation. It’s something I announced about two years ago that I was going to try and do this. I am now pitching. I pitched to one place and it’s still actively out there. They haven’t said yes, they haven’t said no. The fact that they are still talking about it is a good thing. If they say no, I’ll let you guys know. I’ll share all the good and bad, I want to share the whole process. The only thing I can’t share is the name of the places I’ve gone. I’m not trying to have people hate on them if they say no.”

Freddie also revealed another positive pitch experience with a network that has a friendly disposition toward wrestling. This network had seen the materials Prinze’s team had shot and requested a meeting, which he considered a good sign.


The Scooby-Doo actor highlighted their interest and the depth of their questions, indicating a strong passion for the project. Although he has only pitched to one other network, Prinze feels confident about this potential partnership, noting that they seemed very close to saying yes, but he still has four more networks to pitch.

I had another pitch at a place that likes wrestling. Friendly faces. They had seen what we shot and asked if they could have the meeting, which is always a good thing. The last place we asked for the meeting, showed them what we shot, and then answered questions. They came in hot with questions, but they were all real good. ‘What’s your vision?’ ‘How is it going to be different from this?’ ‘What kind of matches do you want to have?’ ‘We saw GCW, are you going to have deathmatches?’ They had done some research. The meeting was much longer, they were very passionate about it. I’ve only pitched to one other place, but this pitch went way better based on their reaction to the materials and to my producers and me. They basically said everything but yes. I think I have a home. If they say no, I’ll let you guys know and I’ll ask you to cry me a river, but I feel confident about this. I felt confident about the first one, but as time goes on, even though it’s not a no, it makes me feel like it’s a no. These people have said everything but the word yes. I feel crazy confident about this. I have four more places to go.”

Regarding the presentation of his promotion, Prinze hinted at a unique look, different from both AEW and WWE. He referenced the innovative use of space and aesthetics of shows like Lucha Underground as an inspiration, aiming for something visually distinct. Despite not yet securing a home, Prinze seems confident in finding a suitable network for his vision.

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