Updates have surfaced regarding the potential launch of a new wrestling enterprise by Vince McMahon subsequent to his departure from WWE.

Vince McMahon has relinquished authority at WWE and its parent company TKO since his resignation on January 26, following allegations of sexual trafficking and abuse lodged against him. Despite retaining his ties as TKO’s primary individual shareholder, McMahon appears poised for significant shift. McMahon has been rapidly divesting his stock holdings, and recently took a pivotal step forward in this direction.

While not yet finalized, McMahon has registered all his remaining shares for sale. Upon completion of this sale, he will sever all ties with TKO and WWE. McMahon’s detachment from WWE prompts speculation: could he venture into launching a new wrestling enterprise?

According to contractual stipulations, should he pursue such a venture, McMahon would likely have to wait until January 26, 2025, a year after his resignation.


Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer consulted industry insiders to gauge their perspectives on McMahon’s potential move. Meltzer reports that the “majority” of his sources opine that McMahon is likely finished with wrestling due to “age, reputation, and lack of opportunities.”

Meltzer suggests that, were it not for the lawsuit, McMahon could have negotiated television deals for a new venture. However, given the current circumstances, securing such deals and sponsorships would prove challenging. Nonetheless, some believe McMahon’s substantial resources might embolden him to pursue this endeavor if he were younger.

Meltzer further asserts that few individuals would be willing to join McMahon in launching a new company, given the stability of WWE and AEW.

Nevertheless, a “powerful figure behind the scenes” conveyed to Meltzer a sense that McMahon might indeed undertake such a venture once legally permitted, given his deep-rooted involvement in the wrestling world.

Those within WWE, while skeptical of McMahon’s intentions, acknowledge his potential to pose a formidable challenge if he were to make a bid.

Conversely, another influential individual views McMahon’s chances as slim, citing the difficulty of competing with WWE and doubts regarding his ability to secure distribution amidst the ongoing lawsuit.

A former associate of McMahon, who worked closely with him until recently, characterized him as not the same as before but still a formidable contender in the industry.

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