AJ Styles is widely regarded as one of the best pro wrestlers in the world by both fans and his peers. His current physique is undoubtedly his best so far and Styles has now revealed how he achieved it.

AJ Styles made his return to WWE in December 2023 on an episode of SmackDown. His return saw him in incredible physical shape, impressing fans and fellow wrestlers alike. Speaking with Adrian Hernandez, Styles shared insights into his nutrition and training regimen that contributed to his remarkable transformation.

Styles emphasized the importance of diet, noting that his diet is almost entirely composed of meat, with little to no carbohydrates. He also mentioned that he occasionally indulges in sugar but keeps it minimal. His workout routine includes dedicating two hours to exercise, including a cold plunge, which he admits is a challenging experience every time. Styles also incorporates time in the sauna as part of his routine.

Styles’ approach involves embracing discomfort and using it to his advantage. He believes this mindset helps him push his body to its limits and improve his performance. His dedication to his fitness regimen has evidently paid off, as he returned to the ring in top shape and ready to take on new challenges in the WWE.


“I can tell you this, it starts with the diet. I’m a meat eater, that’s the majority, 98% of my diet, it’s all meat. I don’t play around. Every now and then I may have something with sugar in it but I just cut out carbs. I have to dedicate 2 hours to my workout, and that’s not because I am in the gym the whole time.

I’m getting in my cold plunge, and it sucks every time! I was the one who told him [Stone Cold] to dip your face in there and to stop goofing around, get your whole body in there and you’ll be alright. So cold plunge, workout and then sauna. The whole thing with me is that I am trying to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and I think my body is able to adjust and find out a lot of stuff that would be holding me back and shredding some weight at the same time.”

LA Knight and AJ Styles will face each other on SmackDown this week to determine the #1 contender for Cody Rhodes’ title at the upcoming Backlash event. We’ll have to see if Styles will prevail.

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