Nearly eight months have passed since the infamous backstage altercation between Jack Perry and CM Punk at AEW All In 2023, which led to Perry’s indefinite suspension from AEW and Punk being fired from the promotion. The altercation resurfaced recently when CCTV footage of the brawl was aired on the April 10th edition of “AEW Dynamite,” reigniting discussions about Perry’s status within the promotion.

During the latest episode, “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast, former AEW star Matt Hardy weighed in on the situation. Hardy said that AEW’s decision to air the CCTV footage was “intriguing” as it’s very different from the promotion’s usual approach but he noted that it could potentially benefit AEW if handled properly.

“It’s intriguing, it’s very unlike AEW to do this, but I’m not opposed to it, I think it’s going to be really interesting to see how they follow up to this because I think it could be something that is beneficial to AEW.”

Hardy also shared his thoughts on Perry’s punishment, suggesting that it may have been too severe. He stated his belief that Perry’s exile from AEW was disproportionate to the severity of the incident. Hardy views Perry as a valuable asset to AEW and expressed his wish to see Perry reinstated in the company.


“I don’t think he ever should have been exiled from all that at the end of the day…I feel like his punishment outweighed the crime. That’s what I believe when it comes to that, and I think Jack Perry is a big asset to AEW, and I’ll be happy to have him back.”

Despite the controversy surrounding Perry’s suspension and the fallout from the altercation, Hardy remains optimistic about AEW’s handling of the matter and expressed hope for Perry’s eventual return to the promotion. It remains to be seen if AEW will reinstate Perry back into the company. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more!

What are your thoughts on Matt Hardy’s stance regarding Jack Perry’s potential return to AEW? Share your opinions below!

Shubham Banerjee

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