WWE NXT sensation Dijak has weighed in on the recent mysterious glitches affecting WWE’s programming, seemingly debunking speculation about Retribution’s involvement.

The intrigue began with an Easter egg in Bray Wyatt’s documentary hinting at the return of Uncle Howdy, a character originally portrayed by Wyatt’s brother, Taylor Rotunda, known to fans as Bo Dallas. Subsequently, production hiccups during a backstage interview on Raw and a glitch during the April 12 episode of SmackDown intensified speculation.

A now-deleted tweet from WWE’s Twitter/X account, featuring string of seemingly random letters, further fueled speculation. Dijak, however, took to Twitter to dismiss notions of Retribution’s involvement, emphasizing that the group has had its fill of “shitty useless hacking” of WWE in the past.

“It’s not Retribution this time, trust me we did enough shitty useless hacking of WWE to last a lifetime.”


Dijak’s tweet comes amidst his hiatus from in-ring competition, having last competed in a triple threat match for the NXT North American Championship at NXT Stand & Deliver.

As the WWE Universe continues to dissect these peculiar occurrences, Dijak’s statement adds another layer to the mystery surrounding the glitches. What could be the true origin behind these disruptions, and what do they signify for WWE’s future? Share your theories and speculations in the comments below as we await further developments in this intriguing saga.

Steve Carrier

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