The highly publicized altercation between former AEW stars, CM Punk and Jack Perry from last summer’s AEW All In took a drastic turn with Perry continuing the charade following recent events.

As mentioned, AEW made huge announcement some time back to air the backstage security footage from the AEW All-In event that took place at the Wembley Stadium in London, with company EVPs, The Young Bucks taking center stage to showcase the events that transpired last month.

The footage showed the real-life brawl that broke out between CM Punk and Jack Perry which led to Punk being fired from the company and Perry suspended indefinitely. Since then, The Best in the World made his triumphant return to WWE in November 2023 while Perry appeared in NJPW.

Possibly recounting the All-In show events, Jack Perry once again ignited his feud with Punk by firing a shot at him at the NJPW Riot event that recently took place in Chicago, Illinois. As Perry made his way for his match, he was seen escorted by a SWAT team right before he dropped the CM Punk color flag as he stood with his back to the crowd with the jacket reading ‘Cry Me a River.’


With the footage garnering major negative reactions from the fans, it is yet to be seen if CM Punk or Jack Perry would make an official statement regarding AEW’s decision to air the footage.

What are your thoughts on Jack Perry mocking CM Punk at NJPW Riot? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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