Zelina Vega, whose career has been on an upward trajectory since her return to WWE in 2022, has garnered attention for her achievements as a WWE Superstar. However, she is now embroiled in controversy due to accusations from artists alleging that she failed to pay them for their work. In response to these claims, Vega has presented evidence to support her defense.

As previously reported, a prop maker known as mecha_musume on Instagram accused Zelina Vega of underpaying them for a custom project, resulting in significant inconvenience for the artist.

Following this accusation, another artist came forward with claims that Zelina Vega did not pay him royalties for commissioned project. These allegations have added to the growing controversy surrounding Vega, suggesting that her situation has worsened as more artists come forward with complaints.

Zelina Vega addressed the situation with @sangrebomb on Twitter, explaining her side of the story. She stated that she initially asked the artist if they wanted compensation for their work, but they declined. Despite this, Vega offered other forms of appreciation and even surprised them with tickets and backstage access as a personal thank you.


However, Vega claims that the artist later reneged on their original agreement and changed their demands, leading her to stop using their image on the controllers and end their collaboration. Vega questioned why she is being portrayed as the “bad guy” in this situation when she tried to follow through on their initial agreement and showed gratitude to the artist.

”I do not want any hate sent to ANY of the people (including Mecha) or situations that I’m about to clear up if you’re a fan of mine, please don’t. This isn’t meant to be “twitter fun” but I do have the right to defend myself. Excuse the slow responses as it is a travel day. None of my other gear makers have ever had an issue with me and if they did, we handled it in person.

My intent, despite being highly upset at what trolls blew this up to be, is to get to a place where everyone feels ok about things as I thought that is where my team and her got to. Once it left my hands (I was moving, working and dealing with a sick family member) I left it in their hands and it seemed to be settled.

Starting with @sangrebomb because Mecha is a lot more involved and I’m going to be recording a video, not that you can tag a person that blocked you on IG anyway:

I asked “would you be interested, do you want compensation, they said no. I still offered everything else and even surprised them by getting them tix and brought them backstage to say thank you personally. They went back on the original agreement and wasn’t clear about what they now wanted and I stopped using their image on the controllers and respectfully cut ties. How am I the bad guy here?”

It appears that Zelina Vega has already cleared her name when it comes to one of her accusers, so we will have to wait and see what she will have to say in response to mecha_musume next.

Are you glad that Zelina Vega had evidence to defend herself against such accusations? Sound off in the comments section below!

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