WWE made history with two nights of exceptional in-ring action, defining moments, and the culmination of dreams at WrestleMania XL on Saturday and Sunday. But it came with its small share of controversy, as AEW veteran Mark Henry did against Kairi Sane, only for her partner Dakota Kai to come to her aid.

Mark Henry did not hold back his words and expressed his disappointment with Kairi Sane’s conduct. He articulated his discontent with Sane’s delay in exiting the ring as her WrestleMania XL opponents, Bianca Belair, Jade Cargill, and Naomi made their entrances.

The WWE Hall of Famer condemned what he perceived as a lack of reverence for the wrestling business on the Pirate Princess’ part. Moreover, Mark Henry underscored the significance of honoring wrestling traditions, implying that had he been in the ring, he would have taken swift action.

“Bully [Ray] and Tommy [Dreamer] both going to understand this when I say this. I’m saying if I was a girl and I was in that match and I get my entrance and I come in the ring and I wipe my feet and I stand in, step into the ring, and Kairi Sane’s ass is still walking in the ring, I’m taking her head off.


Give me the fcking ring. I’m the guy. She should have got out the fcking ring. I was so mad. You got to respect the business first. And she didn’t, but she would if I would have been in the ring.”

Mark Henry’s comments drew the attention of Kairi Sane’s Damage CTRL cohort, Dakota Kai, who took to her X and defended her partner’s love and passion for the business.

“I love and respect Kairi Sane/Hojo and she loves and respects this business.”

In the match, Damage CTRL faced the Jade Cargill, Naomi and Bianca Belair and ultimately succumbed, losing the 6-person tag team bout at WrestleMania XL on Saturday. The defeat came courtesy of a powerful slam executed by Jade Cargill onto Dakota Kai.

As fans reflect on the events of WrestleMania 40 and Mark Henry’s commentary, it’s inevitable that opinions will differ. While Henry’s perspective carries weight, it also invites interpretation, leaving space for

What are your thoughts on Dakota Kai defending Kairi Sane after allegations by Mark Henry? Sound off in the comments!

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