The reign of WWE United States Champion heading into tonight’s edition of WrestleMania 40 Sunday, Logan Paul faced the ultimate challenge at The Show of Shows in a triple threat match against Randy Orton and Kevin Owens at the Lincoln Financial Field.

With the stakes higher than ever combined with the altitude of the bout, it was The Maverick who outlasted the other two competitors in a massive 3-way showdown to retain his WWE United Championship at the Lincoln Financial Field.

Logan Paul had put down a few opponents in his reign so far, but this was the first time he put up the title in a multi-man match, that too against a highly accomplished star like Kevin Owens and a future WWE Hall of Famer, Randy Orton who looked to be aligned in a temporary alliance against Paul right from the get-go. However, things broke between KO and Orton as soon as they realized that it was every man for himself.

The match was a sight to witness as the action went fast-paced with all three men laid out everything in the middle of the ring, exactly where Logan Paul’s PRIME Hydration logo was displayed as the center ring sponsor, with the star-spangled prize on the line


Towards the end, Logan Paul got the Brass knuckles and raked Randy Orton’s eyes with it followed by a thunderous punch, but The Viper still kicked out and connected with an RKO but Logan kicked out. As Orton looked to channel the Legend Killer with the punt kick, a PRIME mascot pulled him out and revealed himself to be famous Youtuber Ishow Speed.

But Randy Orton neutralized him with an RKO on the announcer’s table. That gave Logan Paul the advantage, but only for a brief moment with Kevin Owens reemerging back to take them out, only to have a near fall.

The closing moments of the bout saw Randy Orton reversing the pop-up powerbomb into an awe-inspiring RKO to Kevin Owens, only for Logan Paul to move him out of the way and capitalize on Owens to pick up the win and retain his title at PRIME-Mania.

What are your thoughts on Logan Paul leaving WrestleMania Sunday still as the WWE United States Champion? Sound off in the comments!

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