Since her debut on SmackDown on February 2, Tiffany Stratton has been making waves on the main roster, and as WrestleMania XL approaches, she’s taking a moment to reflect on her journey.

In recent interview with Denise Salcedo, Tiffany expressed her relief and gratitude at the positive reception she’s received from the main roster audience since her call-up from NXT.

“Honestly, it’s been so reassuring for me because I think getting called up from NXT, you’re always worried like, are they gonna remember me? Are they gonna even know me? Are they gonna like me? It’s such a different audience than NXT. So it’s just been so reassuring for me to see that I won the WWE crowd over,” Tiffany shared.

Her ability to win over the WWE crowd has been a source of confidence and validation for Tiffany as she navigates her way through the main roster landscape.


Previously, Tiffany had expressed her ambition to headline a main roster pay-per-view event such as WWE SummerSlam, underscoring her determination to reach new heights in her career.

As WrestleMania XL approaches, fans can anticipate seeing more of Tiffany Stratton’s star power shining bright on the grand stage of WWE’s biggest event of the year.

What do you think has been the key to Tiffany Stratton’s success in winning over the WWE main roster audience since her call-up from NXT? How do you envision her trajectory evolving as she continues to make waves in the WWE landscape, especially heading into WrestleMania XL? Let us know in the comments below.

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