Teddy Hart, a highly seasoned and accomplished in-ring performer in the world of professional wrestling is under a major tailspin in regards to his life outside the ring facing major and intensely serious allegations.

The former WWE superstar found himself entangled in major legal issues when he was arrested on July 15, 2023, in Florida, commonly referred to as “The Sunshine State.” The charges included Teddy Hart being in possession of MDMA (ecstasy) and a controlled substance without a prescription, both classified as third-degree felonies.

After failing to appear for a mandatory courtroom session on February 8, a bench warrant was issued to arrest the pro wrestling star. However, Teddy Hart’s attorneys later filed a motion to quash the warrant, citing his hospitalization during the scheduled hearing and his inability to contact his legal representation. That resulted in the revocation of that bench warrant on March 14.

Despite this reprieve, Teddy Hart missed another court appearance that was scheduled for Thursday, April 5, prompting the issuance of a new warrant against the former MLW champion with a bond set at $4,000.


PWInsider.com obtained the police report detailing the circumstances of the wrestler’s initial arrest on July 15, 2023. You can read the entire statement below:

“On Friday, July 14, 2023, at approximately 2309 hours, I observed a gray 2022 Ford Mustang bearing tag BM67ZT, traveling eastbound on Cheney Highway at a high rate of speed. I observed the vehicle enter the left turn lane at the intersection of Cheney Highway and South Street. The vehicle then failed to obey the steady red arrow, and initiated a left hand turn, around another vehicle, and began to travel west on Cheney Highway. After observing the high rate of speed and the failure to obey a steady red signal, I initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle in front of 3500 Cheney Highway.

Immediately upon contact with the driver, identified as Edward Ellsworth Annis, and the front seat passenger, identified as Brenda Shoun, I smelled the overbearing odor of burnt marijuana emanating from the passenger compartment of the vehicle. As I requested the registration and insurance information for the vehicle, Brenda opened the glove compartment which was directly in front of her. As Brenda opened the glove compartment, I observed an unsealed medical marijuana container with a faded label inside of the glove compartment. Upon the arrival of backup, I requested Edward and Brenda exit the vehicle.

As Brenda exited the vehicle, I observed several pieces of loose leaf marijuana shake on the seat where Brenda was seated. I asked if either of the individuals possessed a medical marijuana card, and Edward stated he had one, but did not have it on him. Brenda stated to me she was the renter of the vehicle. I asked Brenda for consent to search the vehicle and she was very apprehensive to provide me with either a yes or no answer. I informed Brenda that I was only asking for consent out of a courtesy to her, as I had already developed probable cause due to the loose leaf marijuana I observed on the seat of her vehicle, as well as the unsealed medical marijuana container I observed in the glove compartment. It should be noted the loose leaf marijuana I located on Brenda’s seat later field tested presumptive positive for the presence of high-THC marijuana. I attempted to locate a history of Edward’s medical marijuana card and was unsuccessful.

Upon searching the center console of the vehicle, I located a black plastic glasses case. Upon opening the case, I located a small zip-loc baggie of red pills, and a small baggie of red powder. As I brought the glasses case to my vehicle in order to conduct field tests on the substances, Edward made a spontaneous utterance that the pills located inside the bag, as well as the powder, is a “proprietary blend of vitamins” and that he would “need that back”. Both the pills and the powder field tested presumptive positive for the presence of MDMA. It should be noted Edward knew the location of the baggies containing the substances without me asking him. Edward only saw me walk to my vehicle with the glasses case in my hand. I continued the search of the vehicle and located a small white fanny-pack with the American flag on the front. As Edward saw me reach for the bag, he immediately exclaimed “that’s her bag” referring to Brenda.

Upon opening the front pocket of the bag, I located both a USA and a Canadian passport, both with Edward’s information and photograph. I also located 2 small vials inside of the bag, one labeled “Masteron” and the other labeled “Testosterone Cypionate”. I recognized the names of the medications as anabolic steroids. Upon taking the items outside of the fanny pack, Edward immediately exclaimed “I have a prescription for those”. I also located a zip-loc bag containing a blue powder inside of the fanny pack with Edward’s passports. The blue powder later field tested presumptive positive for the presence of MDMA. It should be noted I located several more empty or opened and partially emptied medical marijuana containers inside of the vehicle during the course of the search.

Edward was placed under arrest at this time. In a post-Miranda statement I later obtained at the Titusville Police Department, Edward stated the powders and pills were a “proprietary blend” of MDMA-C. Edward also stated “he has no problem admitting the bag was his.”

Stay tuned to Ringside News as we continue to follow up on the situation of Teddy Hart as his recent actions will have major repercussions against him, considering the seriousness of the charges and his irresponsible behavior.

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