The recent unexpected releases of several superstars from the AEW roster have sparked intrigue and speculation within the wrestling community. The reasons behind Tony Khan’s decision to part ways with these talents remain mysterious, leaving fans and industry insiders to speculate about the motives behind the surprising move. However, Khan has now confirmed that one of the released talents will make a return to AEW.

The first to be let go was Stu Grayson, followed swiftly by AEW ring announcer Dasha Kuret. In total, approximately 10 stars have been released from AEW thus far. Alongside Grayson and Kuret, Parker Boudreaux, Slim J, Gravity, Anthony Henry, Jora Johl, Jose The Assistant, and the Boys have also been added to the list of departures from the company.

Henry’s recent run with AEW came to an abrupt halt due to an unfortunate injury he sustained during an independent wrestling match in March. The injury, a broken jaw, not only sidelined Henry but also forced him to withdraw from the AEW Tag Team title tournament, where he was slated to team up with his partner, JD Drake.

Prior to his injury, Henry had been steadily building his presence in AEW, making more frequent appearances alongside Drake on Ring of Honor TV. However, this setback has temporarily stalled his momentum in the promotion.


During the ROH Supercard of Honor media call, Tony Khan expressed that once Henry is cleared from his injury, he will be warmly welcomed back to both AEW and ROH.

”Khan is asked about recent talent cuts. He notes Anthony Henry, one of the cuts, got hurt on an independent show. He calls it “a challenging grey area”. Khan says Henry will comeback to AEW and ROH when he’s cleared.”

It is certainly great to know that Anthony Henry will return to AEW and ROH soon and will reform his tag team The Workhorsemen once again.

Are you happy that Anthony Henry will return to AEW and ROH again soon enough? Let us know in the comments section below!

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