The anticipation reached its peak at WWE World as fans eagerly awaited The Rock’s long-awaited appearance, scheduled for 4 p.m. ET. However, they were kept waiting for nearly two hours before The Rock finally made his grand entrance.

Arriving just before 6 p.m. ET, The Rock playfully explained his tardiness, citing his busy schedule, which included watching Jalen Hurts lose in the playoffs.

Despite the delay, fans erupted with excitement as The Rock finally graced WWE World with his presence. However, rather than simply making a traditional appearance, The Rock seized the moment to entertain, embracing his role as a master of the mic.

Taking the stage, The Rock embraced his heel persona, playfully taunting the Philly fans for their impatience and poking fun at the situation. The electrifying atmosphere was palpable as The Rock effortlessly commanded the audience’s attention with his trademark charisma and wit.


As the crowd roared in response to The Rock’s antics, excitement continued to build for his upcoming match at WrestleMania 40. Teaming up with Roman Reigns, The Rock is set to face off against Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins in the main event of night one, promising a showdown that fans won’t soon forget.

Despite his fashionably late entrance, The Rock’s presence only added to the anticipation and excitement surrounding WrestleMania 40, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the electrifying action set to unfold at the grandest stage of them all.

How do you think The Rock’s playful and entertaining handling of his delayed entrance at WWE World impacted the anticipation and excitement surrounding WrestleMania 40 and his upcoming match? Let us know in the comments.

Steve Carrier

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