Chelsea Green may be credited as one of the most gorgeous and exciting attractions on WWE television programming, but her popularity was not recognized by a hotel subjecting her to a highly uncomfortable experience.

The former Hot Mess recently dropped the shocking news of being mistaken for an escort following memorable night at the Barclays Center after a RAW event.

Chelsea Green expressed disbelief at being accused of being an escort and subsequently asked to leave the Fairmont Hotel due to her outfit choice. Despite the misunderstanding, she maintained a light-hearted tone, reflecting on the irony of celebrating WrestleMania weekend at The Plaza Hotel next year.

However, Chelsea’s husband Matt Cardona surprisingly sided with the Fairmont Hotel’s perception and took to his X to acknowledge Chelsea Green’s resemblance to the dressing of a female escort.


“She kinda looks like an escort there. 🤷🏻‍♂️.”

Despite this hiccup and of course, Cardona pulling some funny antics on her wife, Chelsea Green remains positive and continues to immerse herself in WWE’s biggest weekend of the year. While she doesn’t currently have a match booked for WrestleMania 40 despite speculations and her interest in an intergender match, her return to the WWE roster in 2023 marked a significant milestone in her career. With her resilience and determination, she aims to overcome any further instances of mistaken identity and forge ahead in leaving her mark on the wrestling world.

What are your thoughts on Chelsea Green’s recent experience at the Fairmont Hotel? How do you feel about her husband, Matt Cardona’s, response to the situation? Additionally, what are your expectations for Chelsea Green’s future in WWE following this incident? Let us know in the comments below.

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