There’s been an update regarding Joe Gacy after an intense match on the latest episode of NXT, where concerns for his safety led to an unexpected halt.

In this week’s episode of WWE NXT, a showdown between North American Champion Oba Femi and Joe Gacy veered off course when it was abruptly stopped due to worries about Gacy’s well-being. Midway through the match, Gacy’s head took a hard impact on the mat after a throw by Femi.

The referee swiftly intervened, employing the universal signal for medical attention with an ‘X’ motion, indicating a genuine concern for Gacy’s condition. With Gacy unable to continue as planned, the referee made the decision to halt the match, prioritizing the wrestler’s safety above all else.

The focus shifted to Oba Femi as it was declared that, due to the referee’s intervention, Femi retained his North American Title. However, a subsequent segment depicted Gacy approaching NXT GM Ava’s desk, where he sought a match against Shawn Spears at NXT Stand & Deliver. Ava granted his request, setting the stage for an anticipated showdown at the event.


Corey Brennan from Fightful Select shared insights on their NXT post-show, shedding light on the situation, mentioning it was a precautionary measure due to concussion protocol. Brennan mentioned, “Concussion protocol. It was a case of, recently especially, I don’t wanna (relate) it to what happened with Jon Moxley at Grand Slam and the coverage that came after that, but the concussion protocol now has just been – we’ve seen it with Austin Theory and Carmelo Hayes and so on on the main roster – the minute there’s any sign now, it’s an instant stop of the match.”

Brennan went on to assure fans that Gacy is alright, stating, “He did walk to the back of his own power, which is obviously something that was immediately a good thing to hear.” Despite initial concerns, it was confirmed that Gacy will be fit to compete at NXT Stand & Deliver.

While the NXT Stand & Deliver card saw many adjustments, the good news is Gacy’s well-being, ensuring fans can anticipate an exciting event on April 6th.

Now, what are your thoughts on how wrestling organizations handle safety protocols during matches? Do you believe there are more effective ways to ensure wrestlers’ well-being without compromising the entertainment value of the sport? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments below.

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