AEW was once a safe haven for talent who felt they would never be released or see mass cuts for that matter, but that is no longer the case as the company released many talent this week. Eddie Kingston has now commented on the latest slew of releases.

The initial releases from AEW included Stu Grayson and AEW ring announcer Dasha Kuret. Since then, approximately 10 individuals have parted ways with the company. Alongside Grayson and Kuret, Parker Boudreaux, Slim J, Gravity, Anthony Henry, Jora Johl, Jose The Assistant, and the Boys have also been among those who have left AEW.

While speaking to Adrian Hernandez, Eddie Kingston was asked about CM Punk’s comments but he chose to focus on the recent slew of releases. Eddie Kingston expressed his primary concern regarding the recent releases from AEW. He emphasized that his thoughts were with individuals like Dasha, Anthony Henry, Stu Grayson, and others who had lost their jobs.

”I’m more concerned about the people who lost their jobs honestly that’s what I’m more worried about you know what I mean I’m more worried about Dasha and I’m more worried about Anthony Henry and Stu Grayson and others who got, sorry if I didn’t mention the names, no disrespect but I’m worried about them.”


Kingston acknowledged that regardless of whether he knew them personally, his heart went out to them as they now had to navigate finding new means to support themselves and their families. He empathized with the impact of losing a job, recognizing that it goes beyond wrestling and affects one’s livelihood.

”So I know how it feels to lose the job you know I mean not just a job. Either way, you look at this wrestling or not it’s still a job and that’s how you feed yourself and your family you know I mean.”

Kingston reflected on the relationships he had with some of those released, like Dasha, who brought joy to his weekly routine, and how their absence left him saddened. Ultimately, he prioritized his concern for those affected by the releases over any other aspect of the situation.

”My heart goes out to them that’s what I’m more concerned about than what Phil said because the people who got let go did work for us and now they have to find another way to to make ends meet and that’s what concerns me more whether I knew them cuz some I knew very well, some I didn’t I still my heart goes out to them. You know what I mean, I’m not saying it’s right, I’m not saying it’s wrong ,what I am saying it’s the business people get hired and fired daily it’s just part of it but, still it doesn’t mean it doesn’t leave me heartbroken that some of the people like Dasha that I won’t see every week who I loved seeing every week who put like a smile on my face every week, I saw you see what I’m saying yeah that’s what I’m more concerned about and that’s what you know I care about that more that’s it.”

Another released AEW star pointed out the irony in his release. Regardless, we’ll have to see whether AEW will end up releasing more talent somewhere down the line.

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