Ricochet is viewed as one of the best in-ring competitors in WWE. The super athletic star has garnered a solid fanbase thanks to his dedication to his craft, but had been overlooked for long time. Things are changing for him, especially after RAW this week and he has vowed to be the highlight of the night after RAW.

Ricochet maintained his winning streak on the April 1 episode of WWE RAW by defeating Ivar in a singles match. This victory adds further momentum to his impressive run of successes.

In a RAW Exclusive, Ricochet shared his thoughts on his recent win and his confidence heading into the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal on the April 1 episode of WWE SmackDown.

“It’s so funny. For the past couple of weeks, everybody’s been wondering what’s on my mind. You, Cathy, or Byron. They’ve been wanting to know what Ricochet got to say. It’s funny because for the last couple of months, ain’t nobody really cared what Ricochet had to say. But now that I’ve got these four victories in a row, everybody wants to know what’s on my mind. It’s funny. Yeah, I’m feeling confident, and then of course, this Friday, we got the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. I guess in this company, to succeed, you have to have some sort of confidence. So this Friday, I’m gonna do what Ricochet does. I’m gonna be the highlight of the night. I’m gonna show up, I’m gonna show out, and then I’m gonna go home.”


When questioned about his victories over Dominik Mysterio and JD McDonagh of Judgment Day, Ricochet responded that he hadn’t considered being on their radar. He emphasized his focus on delivering an impressive performance in the upcoming battle royal, stating his intention to showcase his skills and leave his mark.

“To be honest, I really don’t know. I didn’t really think about it like that. But if you’re worried about everybody, if you’re worried about the people that you beat, or you’re worried about this or that, you’re really not gonna survive in this company. Especially not a battle royal, where really, it’s anybody’s game. That being said, I don’t know. Actually, that kind of makes it more fun for me. Being on the disadvantage makes it more fun for Ricochet because his whole career, he’s been at the disadvantage, so people like to think. So again, like I said, this Friday, I’m gonna show up, I’m gonna show out, and then I’m probably gonna take Sam to a nice steak dinner after I win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.”

We will have to wait and see whether Ricochet will be able to win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, as fans feel he deserves a proper push this time around.

Do you feel Ricochet will finally get the push he deserves? Let us know in the comments section below!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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