Goldberg rose to prominence as one of the most dominant figures in professional wrestling history, leaving an indelible mark during his historic tenure in World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

The former WWE Universal Champion captured multiple championships and accolades, including a remarkable 173-0 undefeated streak that captivated audiences for years until its conclusion at the hands of SmackDown star Asuka in 2017.

Moreover, Goldberg’s entire career was a package of incredible and shocking moments, be it turning into a bad guy, making his debut in WWE, and returning on numerous occasions when they least expected.

During his recent appearance on the Drinkin Bros podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer revealed advice shared to him by the Immortal Hulk Hogan regarding surprising the audience. Goldberg stated that Hogan believed in the concept of shocking the fans after making them anticipate one’s appearance and show up for them when they least expected.


Moreover, according to Hogan’s advice, it was a great way for companies to draw huge numbers, unlike today’s product where the surprise element has seemingly diminished.

“Hulk Hogan once told me, ‘Make em pay for it. Make ’em wait. Don’t show up every Monday on Raw. Don’t show up every Thursday on Thunder. Don’t show up every Friday. Make ’em wait for you. Make ’em anticipate.’ I remember the day when we wouldn’t announce people showing up, and they’d just show up and people went fucking berzerk. Now, it’s all pre-determined when you’re going to be there, there are no surprises really. They use them to draw.” 

Presently, Goldberg finds himself as free agent following the expiration of his last WWE contract. Speculation abounds regarding his potential return to the ring, whether it be with WWE or another promotion.

Moreover, he even revealed an early WWE offer story back in the 1990s in recent memory. With Goldberg enjoying life outside the squared circle, he might just follow Hulk Hogan’s advice once again and surprise the audience with his re-emergence back in a top wrestling promotion.

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