WWE star CM Punk made an appearance on the MMA Hour today, tackling the sensitive topic of the sexual abuse allegations surrounding Vince McMahon.

Punk didn’t mince words when he addressed the allegations, stating: “I mean, there’s no positivity there. I didn’t read all the allegations, I read text messages and went ‘oh f**k this’. It’s indefensible.”

Reflecting on his decision to discuss the matter, Punk expressed his shock at McMahon’s actions, stating, “Doing this, I imagined I was going to be asked about it, I know the easiest thing to do is avoid it, but it’s there. I’m kind of shocked at how dumb he was, writing stuff down and leaving that paper trail, it’s horrific.”

Punk emphasized the need to focus on the victims, saying, “At this point, all the energy should be used, there’s victims here, so what CM Punk thinks about Vince and the CM Punk/Vince relationship doesn’t mean f**king anything here, all that stuff takes a backseat, I’m more concerned about, going forward, how do those people survive going through that trauma.”


When questioned about whether the business is better off without McMahon, Punk responded, “At this point, how do you say anything but yes? The business is better [without him].”

He drew a comparison to the tragic case of Chris Benoit, revealing, “The biggest thing I can draw comparison to is when Chris Benoit did a murder suicide. I was friends with Chris Benoit, and I’m famously on camera weeping, because at the time we didn’t know, and the week prior I’m travelling with him and he grabs me and runs me into the trainers room and his little son is in the training room taping up his hands and putting Xs on his hands.”

While acknowledging the absence of direct personal experiences, Punk admitted, “Obviously I don’t have memories of Benoit travelling with me and murdering people in a gym, I’ve never been in a room with Vince where he’s sexually assaulting somebody, but there’s part of me where, just like with Benoit, I was like ‘okay yeah, I can see it’.”

CM Punk also reflected on the impact of the allegations on those who had close relationships with McMahon, noting, “It’s very hard to reconcile, I read what Becky (Lynch) said, he was like a father figure to her, and it’s just been wild. It’s sad.”

Punk expressed a sense of vindication, stating, “He ruined his life ruining other people’s lives, so there’s very much a part of me that’s like, ‘We got him. Good. Shuffle him into the basement’.”

Given CM Punk’s strong condemnation of Vince McMahon’s actions and his comparison to the Chris Benoit tragedy, how do you think this outspoken stance will impact Punk’s relationship with WWE and his standing within the wrestling community? Additionally, do you believe Punk’s comments will have broader implications for the ongoing investigation and public perception of the allegations against McMahon? Let us know in the comments below.

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