The wrestling industry is known to be one of the most physically battering places for any athlete who spends a lengthy part of their career inside the squared circle. That longevity often comes with its share of injuries and often catches up with the wrestler in general.

A similar situation might have come across one of the most respected veterans and current WWE superstars, AJ Styles. The man known as ‘The Phenomenal One’ has carved out a remarkable legacy of being one of the biggest names in the business over the years for his exceptional work who is still looking for one last title run before hanging up his boots.

However, during recent conversation with Tyler Breeze on Fanatics Live, the former WWE champion stated that the nickname that was given to him 20 years prior eventually stuck with him for the years to come.

Moreover, AJ Styles revealed that after two decades of being called The Phenomenal One, AJ Styles admitted to the fact that it has been getting harder to live up to the moniker as he is getting older.


“Dan The Dragon Wilson was a commentator for NWA Wildside back in 2000. For some reason, he called me The Phenomenal AJ Styles. It was given. It stuck. It’s a little long, but I like it. It’s stuck with me this long. It’s harder to be phenomenal as you get older. It’s getting to be a tipping point to where I’m starting to be Old Guy AJ Styles.” 

AJ Styles is potentially ready to bring out his Phenomenal side again this week when he steps inside the ring against WWE’s megastar, LA Knight at WrestleMania 40. With things intensely personal after weeks of sneak attacks, most recently escalated with LA Knight invading AJ’s home, this match is surely looking to be one of the most hard-hitting and fast-paced wrestling bouts between the two talented in-ring competitors at WrestleMania.

What are your thoughts on AJ Styles possibly struggling to live up to his iconic moniker? Sound off in the comments!

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