Nick Aldis, renowned for his success in NWA and TNA, made the leap to WWE last year, taking on the position of SmackDown General Manager. However, he recently encountered a setback as he suffered a biceps injury, which required surgery to rectify. Aldis has since provided an update on his recovery progress.

During his time as General Manager of Friday Night SmackDown, Nick Aldis has garnered a considerable fan base for his skillful management of the role. He has demonstrated resilience and unwavering determination, consistently facing challenges head-on without backing down.

As previously reported, Nick Aldis suffered biceps injury and underwent surgery for the same. Nick Aldis recently appeared on Gabby LaSpisa’s Gabby AF podcast, where he provided an update on his arm following surgery, making it clear he will be recovering as soon as possible.

“Before this one, I’ve only had one major surgery my whole career and it was the other bicep, so it was just a freak thing. Dr. LeClere at Vanderbilt here in Nashville did a phenomenal job. He works with the Nashville Predators and all sorts of high-profile athletes. He did a great job. I feel great. I’m in a stupid splint cast thing for a little bit longer and then hopefully I’ll transition to a brace, kind of like the one that we’re seeing Punk wearing. I’ll be switching into one of those hopefully in time for WrestleMania.”


It is certainly a big relief that Nick Aldis will not be missing out on his duties as he is such a central figure on Friday Night SmackDown.

Are you glad that Nick Aldis will remain on WWE television following his surgery? Let us know in the comments section below!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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