Matt Riddle’s time in WWE was tumultuous, marred by controversies stemming from his conduct outside the ring, ultimately culminating in his unexpected release last year. His future in WWE, or even the UFC, remains uncertain.

Since parting ways with WWE, Riddle has been actively involved in various wrestling promotions, including Major League Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling, among others.

In conversation with TMZ Sports, The King of Bros was asked about the possibility of returning to WWE or the UFC. Riddle contemplated the idea of a comeback one day but expressed uncertainty, emphasizing that his fate is not solely in his hands. He stressed the importance of hard work and doing the right thing, acknowledging the unpredictability of his future.

‘Oh maybe, I don’t know, I’ll say I love it. I’ll be honest, when I was there and I saw the merger happening I was like I might be on eggshells but let’s be honest I’m always on eggshells.


Riddle mentioned feeling apprehensive during WWE’s merger and hinted at feeling like he was constantly walking on eggshells. He also cited his lucrative contract as a contributing factor to his WWE departure and expressed an interest in working with AEW instead.

”Would you see me again one day in the UFC or WWE? Well guys that’s not really up to me. All I can do is work hard and try to do the right thing, but I think for WWE and UFC to merge under TKO very successful business venture for everyone involved really like kudos to them, I don’t think it was the best thing for me at the time.”

As for whether Matt Riddle will ever return to WWE, only time will tell. The wrestling landscape is ever-changing, and circumstances could shift in the future. Whether Riddle finds his way back to WWE remains to be seen, but his talent and potential could potentially lead to a reunion down the line.

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