Becky Lynch attained stardom in the company during the tenure of Vince McMahon as chairman and CEO. Their professional collaboration persisted until McMahon’s retirement amid allegations of sexual misconduct in 2022. Although McMahon briefly returned in January 2023, he resigned once more in January 2024 following a lawsuit filed by Janel Grant against him and WWE, accusing McMahon of sexual assault and sex trafficking. Despite McMahon’s denial of these allegations, he remains under federal investigation.

Speaking on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Becky Lynch was prompted to comment on the allegations surrounding McMahon.

“Those allegations are horrendous, and it’s truly difficult to hear because that’s not been my experience. He was incredibly supportive of me. Vince possessed a unique brilliance, though he wasn’t always the easiest to work with. Nonetheless, he led an exceptionally remarkable life, building what he did. I enjoyed learning from him, conversing with him, and he’s responsible for everything in my life through WWE. We’ve had our ups and downs, but personally, he treated me well and with respect, and I felt I earned his respect. Then, hearing this other narrative, it’s not the person I know, and that’s really tough. Especially as a woman in this industry, striving for equality,” Lynch shared.

Lynch further delved into the evolution of women in WWE, eventually circling back to McMahon. She expressed her difficulty in reconciling the allegations with her own experiences, emphasizing her disdain for anyone enduring such hardships.


“It’s incredibly challenging to hear about these allegations when my interactions have been different, and I detest that anyone has undergone such experiences. The thought that anyone has experienced that is distressing, especially at the hands of someone who has been genuinely kind to me throughout my career. It’s like dealing with two different individuals. He’s been like a grandfather figure to me. I recall sharing news of my pregnancy with him and the warmth he extended. It’s disconcerting to juxtapose those memories with the other side of the narrative. It’s truly distressing to reconcile these contrasting aspects,” Lynch lamented.

The complexity of Lynch’s sentiments underscores the profound impact of the allegations against McMahon within the WWE community. As the investigation unfolds, it prompts reflection on the complexities of personal relationships amidst broader professional contexts.

What are your thoughts on Becky Lynch’s perspective regarding the allegations against Vince McMahon? Share your insights in the comments section below, as we navigate through this challenging discourse together.

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