The toll of professional wrestling, particularly in elite leagues like WWE, can exact a heavy toll on one’s physical and mental well-being. This reality seems to have caught up with NXT standout Ridge Holland, prompting a surprising decision.

In an announcement preceding tonight’s NXT broadcast, it was revealed that Ridge Holland would be addressing the NXT Universe. This revelation followed a period where the former Brawling Brute had been grappling with evident issues, compounded by the return of Shawn Spears, which only added to his internal struggles.

Stepping into the ring, Holland addressed the WWE faithful in the Capitol Wrestling Center. He candidly spoke about the challenges endured in the pursuit of becoming a top-tier WWE superstar, acknowledging recent weeks where his performance fell short of his usual standards.

Furthermore, Holland emphasized the significance of his family in his life. Recognizing that his focus and passion were wavering, he made the difficult decision to step away from in-ring competition indefinitely.


Placing the microphone in the center of the ring, Ridge Holland departed, leaving NXT fans to process the unexpected news and express gratitude for his contributions to the sport.

The announcement sparked shock and discussion among wrestling enthusiasts, with many expressing their thoughts on Holland’s departure from in-ring action.

What are your thoughts on Ridge Holland stepping away from in-ring action tonight at WWE NXT? Sound off in the comments!

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